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TFVC User Registration Agreement

The agreement is between you (hereinafter referred to as “the User”) and the owner of TFVC (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”, web address: on website services and relevant matters. Please carefully read the registration agreement. When you make registration to become TFVC member, the agreement will constitute legal documents binding on both parties.

Clause 1 Confirmation and acceptance of service clauses of the website

1.1 All ownership and operation rights of all e-services on the website are reserved by TFVC. The User as a member of the Website has agreed all clauses on registration agreement and completes the registration procedures. User confirms: the clauses in the agreement are about the rights and obligations of both parties and always maintain effective, except for those with compulsory regulations of laws or separate special agreements by both parties.

1.2 If the User finishes the member registration, it is regarded the User’s confirmation that he/she has the rights to enjoy services on the Website, place orders and other corresponding rights and operation rights, and can independently shoulder legal responsibilities.

1.3The User under the age of 18 must use the website with the supervision and participation of parents or guardians.

1.4 TFVC reserves the right to independently decide service rejection, closure of user account, content clearance or editing and order cancellation within the legal scope where mainland China’s laws are applied.

 Clause 2 Service of the website

2.1 TFVC legally provides internet information and other services for users on internet, and users should completely agree with the agreement and the website’s regulations so as to have the right to apply related services of the website.

2.2 Users must prepare following equipment and bear expenses by themselves: (1) Internet surfing equipment, including but not limited to computer or other internet surfing terminals, modem and other necessary internet surfing devices; (2) Internet surfing expense, including but not limited to network accessing fee, rental of internet surfing equipment, mobile phone flow fee, etc.

Clause 3 User information

3.1 Users should honestly provide registration data to the website, and agree that the registration data provided is true, correct, complete, legal and effective. In case the user registration data has any change, users should timely update it. In case registration information user provided is illegal, untrue, incorrect and not detailed, users shall bear corresponding liabilities and consequences caused by it, and TFVC reserves the right to stop users to apply various services of the Website.

3.2 While users are browsing the website or placing an order, which involves real name/ appellation, address, telephone number, e-mail and other private information of users, the website will give strict privacy protection. Unless users make authorization or there are other stipulations of laws, the website shall not reveal user information to the outside.

3.3 After successful registration, account name, password and other account information will be generated. The User can change the password in accordance to the website’s regulations. The User should carefully and reasonably save and use account name and password. In case the User finds any illegal usage of user account or existence of security vulnerability, the User should immediately notify it to the website and report to the public security organ.

3.4 The User agrees that TFVC has the right to send notices including order information, promotion, etc. to the registration and shopping users, consignee of the website by e-mail, SMS and making a phone call.

3.5 The User is not allowed to lend the account registered on the website to others for use, otherwise, the User shall bear all liabilities caused by this, and the person who actually uses the account shall also bear joint liabilities.

3.6 The User agrees that TFVC has the right to use users’ registration information, user name, password and other information, and log in the users’ registered account to protect evidences, including but not limited to notarization, witness, etc.

Clause 4 Users’ obligation of performing legal conducts

The agreement is formulated based on relevant laws, regulations and rules in China, and the User agrees to strictly obey the following obligations:

(1) Do not transmit or publicize: inciting and resisting speeches, speeches that harm the enforcement of the constitution and laws and administrative regulations, speeches that incite inversion of state power and overturn of socialist system, speeches that incite country division or damage state unity, speeches that incite nation’s hatred and discrimination and destroy national unity;

(2) Materials and information transmitted from mainland China to overseas must be consistent with relevant laws and regulations in China;

(3) Do not use the website to engage in illegal and criminal activities such as money laundering, stealing commercial secret or personal information, etc.;

(4) Do not interrupt the normal operation of the website, or invade the website or national computer information systems;

(5) Do not transmit or publicize any information or material that is illegal and criminal, harassing, destructive, abusing, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene and uncivilized;

(6) Do not transmit or publicize information materials or speeches that damage social public benefit of the country or involve national security;

(7) Do not seduce others to engage in behaviors prohibited here;

(8) Do not use the account registered on the website to conduct business activities for benefit making;

(9) Do not publicize any contents against others’ copyright, trademark right and other intellectual properties or legal rights and interests;

Users should pay attention to any follow various legal regulations and rules publicized or modified by the website from time to time.

The website has the right to delete any information content untrue or inconsistent with laws on the website without noticing users.

In case users fail to obey the above regulations, the website is entitled to make independent decision and adopt measures of suspending or closing users’ account. Users must shoulder legal liabilities for his/ her speeches and behaviors on the website.

Clause 5 Product information

The product price, quantity and inventory on the website may suffer change at any time and the website will make no special notice for this. Due to the extreme large quantity of product information on the website, the website will try its utmost to guarantee the information accuracy of products viewed. However, the existence of objective factors we all know such as internet technology factor, the information displayed on the website may suffer hysteresis quality or errors, so users should know and understand this; TFVC welcomes users to correct our mistakes and will give awards based on situations.

For convenience of expression, products and services are abbreviated as “product” or “goods”. 

Clause 6 Order

6.1 Before placing an order, please carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, model, specification and size of product as well as address, telephone number, information of receiver. If receiver is not the user, the behaviors and words of receiver shall be regarded as those of user. User should bear joint liabilities for legal consequences of behaviors and words of receiver.

6.2 Unless otherwise compulsorily stipulated by laws, both parties agree that: the information of product and price displayed by seller on the website is only for transaction. While making an order, user should fill in contents such as quantity and price of product purchased, mode of payment, receiver, contact information, address for receiver, etc.; the order information generated by the system is based on the content users fill in, which only serves as transaction appeal sent by user to seller; after the seller receives order information, only when seller actually and directly delivers the product purchased in the order (marked by “outbound of product”), then it is regarded that user and seller have established transaction relationship about the product actually and directly delivered to user; if you have ordered many products and the seller only delivers some, then user and seller have only established transaction relationship about those products actually and directly delivered; only when seller has actually and directly delivered the other products in the order, user and seller have established transaction relationship about the other products actually and directly delivered. User can log in the account registered on the website at any time to check the order state.

6.3 Due to the influence from market change and other factors not within control of reasonable commercial efforts, the website cannot guarantee that the products the user wants to purchase listed in the order information submitted are available in the inventory; in case the product you plan to purchase is not available in the inventory, you have the right to cancel the order.

 Article 7 Distribution

7.1 The selling party will send the product to the designated delivery address, and the delivery time listed on the website is the reference time. The calculation of reference time is based on the inventory, normal handling process and delivery time and delivery location.

7.2 In the event that the order is delayed or distribution cannot be made in the following cases, the selling party shall not assume the responsibility of delay in distribution.

 (1) User provides false information with no detailed address, etc.;

(2) Nobody signs after the delivery of product, resulting in failure or delay in distribution;

(3) Situation changes;

(4) Force majeure, such as natural disaster, martial law on traffic, unexpected war, etc.

Article 8 Clause of ownership and intellectual property rights

8.1 Once the user accepts the agreement, it indicates that the user completely, exclusively and irrevocably transfers his/her property right of information content (including but not limited to client evaluation, client consultation, articles on various topics, etc.) published on the website at any time in any form and other transferable rights, such as copyright, property right (including but not limited to: right of reproduction, right of distribution, right of renting, right of exhibition, right of performance, right of showing, right of broadcasting, right of communication through information network, right of production, right of adaption, right of translation, right of compilation and other transferable rights that can be enjoyed by the person with copyright) to TFVC in an initiative manner. And the user also agrees TFVC to take a legal action independently for the right infringement of any body.

8.2 The agreement has constituted the written agreement for right transfer of property right in a work specified in Article 25 (the article number shall be determined in accordance with 2011 copyright law) of Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations, and its efficacy acts on user’ publishing any work content on the website of TFVC protected by copyright law, no matter the content is formed before or after the conclusion of this agreement.

8.3 User agrees and fully understands the terms of the agreement, and promises not to publish the information that has been published on the website or authorize other bodies to use it in any form (including but not limited to the use at various websites and media).

8.4 TFVC is the producer of this website, has the legal right such as the copyright of the content and resource on the website, and is protected by national laws. It has the right to modify the content of the agreement and this website from time to time and post it on the website without further notice to users. Within the maximum scope allowed by law, TFVC has the explanation right for the content of the agreement and the website.

8.5 Except another mandatory provisions of law, no unit or individual is allowed to unlawfully copy, reprint, quote, link, capture or use the information content on the website in whole or part in any form without the special definite written permit of TFVC; otherwise, TFVC has the right to investigate the legal liability.

8.6 The data information published on the website (such as text, figure, identification, button icon, image, sound file fragment, digital downloading, data editing and software) all belong to the property of TFVC, and are protected by the Chinese and international copyright laws. The compilation of all contents at this website is the exclusive property of TFVC, protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. All software at this website are all the properties of TFVC or its affiliated company or its software supplier, protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. 

Article 9 Limits of liability and noncompliance guarantee

Except another explained clearly in writing, all information, contents, materials, products (including software) and services provided on this website or in other ways through the website are provided on the basis of “according to the current situation” and “according to existing ones”.

Except another explained clearly in writing, TFVC does not make any statement or warranty (except stipulated by the law of the People’s Republic of China) in any form, either express or implied for the operation of this website as well as the information, contents, materials, products (including software) or services included on the website.

TFVC does not guarantee that all information, contents, materials, products (including software) and services provided for you on the website or in other ways through the website, and the e-mail and information sent from its server or its website have no virus or other harmful components.

In case system crash or failure in normal use resulting from force majeure or other reasons not controlled by the website makes the online transaction impossible to complete or leads to loss of relevant information, record, etc., TFVC will reasonably assist in handling the problems arising from it.

Article 10 Agreement update and obligations needing attention

Based on the change of national laws and regulations and demand of website operation, TFVC has the right to modify the terms of this agreement from time to time, and the modified agreement will immediately take effect after being posted on the website, and replace the original agreements. User can log in to view the latest agreement; user is obliged to follow and read the latest agreement and website announcements from time to time. In case the user does not agree the updated agreement, he/she can immediately stops accepting the service provided by the website of TFVC in accordance with the agreement; in case the user continues the use of the service provided by the website, it is regarded that the user agrees the updated agreement. TFVC suggests that you read the agreement and the announcements on the website before application. In case any term of this agreement is regarded as abolished, invalid or unenforceable due to any reason, the term shall be regarded as separable and shall not affect the effectiveness and enforceability of any other terms.

Article 11 Legal jurisdiction and application

The effective laws applicable in mainland China (excluding conflicting laws or rules) shall be applied to the conclusion, execution and explanation of the agreement as well as the resolution of disputes. In case of the contradiction between this agreement and applicable laws, the terms shall be completely re-explained according to the laws, while the other terms shall remain effective. In case of any dispute of the contracting party for the content and execution of the agreement, it shall be settled through friendly negotiation between the both parties; in case negotiation fails, either party can institute legal proceedings to the court in mainland China with right of jurisdiction.

Article 12 Others

12.1 The owner of TFVC website refers to the operating subject of TFVC website with permit of governmental department according to laws or the records.

12.2 TFVC respects the legitimate right of users and consumers. The various rules and statements published on the website are for better and more convenient service for users and consumers. The website welcomes the comments and suggestions from users and all walks of life, and TFVC will modestly accept and appropriately modify the agreement as well as various rules on the website.

12.3 As for the terms with remarkable identification, such as bold face, bold, underline, italic, etc. in this agreement, the users shall pay close attention.

12.4 Before your registration as a member, you shall reconfirm that you know and fully understand all the contents of this agreement.



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